Topical Tracks

Attendees will spend a substantial amount of time in the topical track they choose at the Summit. This will allow attendees to dive into the topics presented in the tracks, identify barriers that exist, and brainstorm ways to address them, while also recognizing and celebrating successes that have occurred in these areas. The tracks will contain a mix of presentations, small group discussions, and ranking of priorities. Towards the end of the Summit, each track will report out to all Summit attendees its top recommendations for next steps that can be pursued by the Grow Montana Food Policy Coalition, state agencies, local communities, non-profits and/or agricultural organizations. Brief descriptions of the five tracks may be found by following the links below.

Track 1:  Challenges of Local Food and Agriculture Manufacturing and Processing

Track 2:  Farm to Folk:  Positive Economic and Health Benefits of Communities Becoming Markets for Local Food

Track 3:  Supporting a New Generation of Farmers

Track 4:  Resilience in Agriculture:  Diversifying, Adapting and Planning for a Changing Environment

Track 5:  Marketing Montana Products: Growing Businesses and Distribution.