Action Plans

Executive Summary on Summit Action Plans

This executive summary presents the action plans developed by the Summit tracks in a standard format, in addition to providing contact information for track leaders.

Raw Notes Containing Action Plans

The PDFs below contain the notes from the work sessions in each Summit track where action plans were developed. Tracks approached the action planning process in different manners, and these efforts were recorded in slightly different ways. These PDFs are simply the raw notes taken during the action planning process.

It is important to note that many of the track action plans include the results of brainstorming sessions. For example, many contain lists of organizations and/or individuals. In some cases, these organizations and people were part of the action plan discussions. In others, they were not and were just mentioned as potential partners who may or may not have been contacted about the proposed work. It should not be assumed that any organization or person mentioned in these notes has agreed, or even been briefed, on the contents of the action plans.

Track 1: Challenges of Local Food and Agriculture Manufacturing and Processing
Track 2: Farm to Folk: Positive Economic and Health Benefits of Communities Becoming Markets for Local Food
Track 3: Supporting a New Generation of Farmers
Track 4: Resilience in Agriculture
Track 5: Marketing Montana Products: Growing Businesses and Distribution

Other Resources


An electronic survey was distributed to all of the Summit’s attendees. A compilation of the results can be found here.

List of Summit Attendees

More than 200 people attended the Summit. You can find a list of attendees and their e-mail addresses here. The list also includes which tracks attendees registered to attend.